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Dr. P's Philosophy

Dr. Percuoco has presented to thousands of people across a number of industries and can’t wait to FIRE UP YOUR TROOPS. When employees unleash their full potential, everybody wins!


Chronic stress is created by your thoughts and can be damaging to your body. Learning how to control it will be the greatest gift you ever give yourself.


Perspective is how you choose to see the world around you. A negative perspective promotes stress and sickness. A positive perspective will keep you healthy and on track for success.


You control the outcome of your life. Control cannot be taken only given. Develop a plan, take massive action, reassess and repeat. This is the ultimate success formula.

What People Are Saying

"Most people live life with their brakes on. Dr. P has shown me how to live life with commitment and enthusiasm. His advice and council have helped me to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and being an emotionally positive person. The passion and wisdom that Dr. P has shared is helping me live my life to the fullest."
Jim McSweeney
President and CEO, CIP Group
"Dr. Percuoco is a wildly engaging speaker who has been a big hit with our staff, interns, and athletes each time he’s presented for us. In addition to his outstanding knowledge, he delivers on specific, actionable items that audience members can pursue for personal growth. I always look forward to his presentations, and don’t hesitate to offer my highest endorsement of him."
Eric Cressey
Co-Founder / President, Cressey Sports Performance
"I truly enjoyed every second of the presentation! It was very entertaining and I was engaged the entire time! I really liked how you helped re-frame our traditional way of thinking about stress! Why not use it to our advantage?! We always fear stress, so it was refreshing to learn that it could be used to our benefit, we just have to choose to do so. It’s all about the power of our own mind! Overall, excellent presentation and I would highly recommend it!"
Marine P.
Vice President, Senior User Researcher at Wells Fargo

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