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Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Putting the piece together can sometimes feel overwhelming. As your life coach, I will help you assemble the pieces to create an amazing life!

Danny O'Connor​

Professional boxer 
WBC International World Champion
2008 USA Olympic Team 

“I would recommend Dr P’s life coaching to anyone looking to better themselves. I visited the office frequently during my athletic training days and it was always a great experience. He was able to adjust my body and mind to be the most optimal for success in competition and in everyday life. His positive advice always had me thinking outside the box of what I was capable of in this world and how to start thinking about achieving it.”

Morgan Marlborough

High School All-American
NCAA Div 1 All-American
Santa Clara Alum
USWNT U-20 and U-23
NWSL FC Kansas City and Boston Breakers
Champions League Glasgow City 
Instagram: @morganmarlborough

“I met Dr. P when I was playing professional soccer. He supported me with the mental piece of my soccer career and personal life. He helped me uncover my personal values and strengths and gave me tools to support my growth as a person. I would greatly recommend Dr. P’s coaching and value his friendship and passion for connection.”

Michael Sims

Professional Golfer

“I met Dr. P in 2006 at a time when I was struggling both physically and emotionally.  I was in a funk as my golf game was declining and I was chronically injured.  After 5 years as a professional golfer, my career seemed in jeopardy.  A close friend of mine witnessed my struggles and recommended that I meet Dr. P. Two days later, I walked into his office thinking I was going in for a chiropractic adjustment.  Little did I know I’d be leaving with a whole new perspective, affecting all areas of my life. That first day was definitely the game changer.  Dr. P helped me regain my health both physically and mentally.  My confidence returned and my golf game was renewed.  I was back in the drivers’ seat and confidently gained status to the PGA’s web.com tour where I played 5 of the next 7 years. Dr. P gave me the tools to reach that next level. More importantly, I gained a life long friend and someone who has proven time and again to have my back.  The bottom line is Dr. P cares and possesses the skills to help you become the person you want to be. Don’t waste another second making someone else’s dream come true.  Go for it.”

Kevin Girardin

Framingham State University, Class of 2022

“I learned about Dr. P through a mutual friend on my baseball team. When I first met him, I wasn’t happy with the way I felt or looked. I was always tired and had little to no motivation. I felt comfortable talking to him right off the bat. He showed true passion and care towards me while guiding me towards the development of an awesome future. From nutrition, to working out, to daily life challenges, Dr. P continues to support and encourage my journey to fulfill my goals in life. He is not only my coach but also my friend who genuinely cares about me. If it weren’t for my Mom and Dad who have always loved and supported me, I wouldn’t have been able to meet this man. He has been a crucial part of my development, guiding me to become the person I am today. I highly recommend Dr. P to everyone.”

Joe DiStefano

Founder of RUNGA
TEDx Speaker, Coach, Educator
Instagram: @coachjoedi @rungalife

“When I first met Dr. P, I was feeling depressed and helpless. I had suffered a traumatic brain injury and my medical team had just delivered a crushing blow: ‘You’ll be like Michael J. Fox by the time you’re 30’. A larger than life kind of guy and truly the Tony Robbins of my life, Dr. P woke me up. He ingrained in me that success is not just about showing up. I needed to develop the faith, the belief and the intent to discover my true self. He taught me about the areas of my brain that were injured, what those areas controlled and about the neurotransmitters that I needed to feel well. With his guidance, my brain restored itself. I learned that you’re a walking placebo effect. Whatever you think and believe about yourself is what you get. Dr. P put me on the path that led to where I am today.”

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Life’s too short to waste it on frustration and indecision. Dr. P will not only help you discover who you are, but also help you to get where you want to go. This is your time!