Dr. Peter Percuoco

DIP Episode #42: Time to Reconnect

Time to Reconnect

It was time to reconnect. Too often our lives become so busy that we forget to connect with people.  Although this epidemic has been miserable for most, there’s always a silver lining. My friend Aamir Chaudry; VP of Business Development at Here Engineering, went out of his way to check in on me. I asked him to join me on the podcast and we had a nice conversation reconnecting. Aamir talked about the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) versus Unemployment Benefits and its effect on his businesses.  We also revealed the important things that we have learned during this pandemic, which we can take with us to reinvent ourselves yet again.

Dr. Peter Percuoco is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and a Keynote Speaker. With 30 years of experience, Dr. Percuoco has stepped out of the clinic and onto the stage to share his message of hope and potential inspiring people to be the best that they can.



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